Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New linkies

I did some link-juggling, ending up with two new ones on the sidebar. I visit these regularly, so I figured I might as well put them in a convenient place.

1. Juan Cole's Informed Comment involves daily posts on news from the Middle East, including summaries of news stories Arabic and Persian language sources. One of his more interesting claims: Iranian President Ahmadinejad is not calling for the violent destruction of Israel. If he's right, then a great deal of what the mainstream media are telling us about Iran (and its President) is wildly inaccurate, which might raise some interesting questions as to why that's so.

2. I discovered Real Live Preacher shortly after converting (I linked to his Preacher's Story in my coming out post), and over the course of a few days I worked my way through his entire archive. He's a preacher who isn't always sure that God exists, and doesn't personally care about heaven or hell. Also he really likes The Big Lebowski. I think it's a pity he lives in Texas.

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Here's an article than mentions Juan Cole:


"Putting Words in Mr. A's Mouth"