Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My American Thanksgiving

This is a little early, but for American Thanksgiving this year, I would like to give thanks for my Canadian citizenship, which releases me from an enormous amount of anxiety--for example, the anxiety which results from the possibility of losing your private employer-based health insurance. As it turns out, this might happen even if you're not personally caught up in the tide of rising unemployment. Even if you keep your job, there's still a chance of a total collapse of the American private health care "system".

What a country.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'll be telling my grandkids I lived here

On my way to Greek class I noted that there were dozens of cop cars, one after another, parked in a line all the way along University Drive.

Sure enough, when I mention this to Dawn, she says that Obama dropped his kids off at the Lab School in person today. (How did she know? Because pictures of the "event" were in the "news".)

If only I'd stuck around, maybe I could have gotten a picture of his silhouette through the tinted window of his armoured SUV.


Dawn and I know two couples: Nate and Jen, and Nathan and Jenny. We also know (not in a couple) a Nat and a Jenn.

And then, just recently, I met a married couple: Nathan and Jen.

Dawn has decreed that we're not allowed to be friends with that last pair. It's just too much.