Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My American Thanksgiving

This is a little early, but for American Thanksgiving this year, I would like to give thanks for my Canadian citizenship, which releases me from an enormous amount of anxiety--for example, the anxiety which results from the possibility of losing your private employer-based health insurance. As it turns out, this might happen even if you're not personally caught up in the tide of rising unemployment. Even if you keep your job, there's still a chance of a total collapse of the American private health care "system".

What a country.


christian said...


does your canadian coverage actually work down here? or would you have to go back to canadia to see a doctor? miyuki just has coverage through her job, I didn't think she could use her canadian coverage.

Toby said...

No, I'd have to flee back to Canada.

voter said...

Is the US system due for a collapse, or a correction? I'd argue for the latter. Health insurance was originally like other types of insurance - protection against catastrophic loss. Now it factors into every doctor visit and prescription filled. This results in a lot of waste. We need to go back to low-premium, high-deductible plans, and in time that will happen.