Sunday, December 24, 2006

Quick, someone slap a Bibble up there

Some dude named Chuck Baldwin offers some helpful advice as to What patriotic Christians can do for America.

I read through the article without glancing at the sidebar, so it took me a while to figure out what he was advocating. Baldwin spends the first half or so of the piece talking about how Christians have to avoid allegiances to the two main political parties, the mainstream media, and various sorts of bad theology. Well, fair enough, but the "patriotic Christian" might also like some positive advice as to what sorts of commitments to seek out. Advice which is given here:
Hook up with your local John Birch Society. Join Larry Pratt's Gun Owners of America. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is another terrific pro-Second Amendment organization you should be familiar with.

In addition, I recently left the GOP and am now proud to be identified with the Constitution Party. I recommend the CP to my readers. I also like what Jim Gilchrist is doing with the Minuteman Project.
And... that's about it. Guns and keeping out the Mexicans. There may be other concerns floating around, but these are the ones that merited specific warrant.

Well... OK, that does fit in with a certain vision of patriotism.

As for the latter half of the "patriotic Christian" label, that is addressed, in the manner of an afterthought, in two brief sentences about prayer - presumably, asking God to give us guns and keep out the Mexicans. (Earlier in the article, there's also advice to seek out churches that uphold the central Christian ideals, which turn out to be: guns and keeping out the Mexicans.)

Speaking of Christianity-as-afterthought, I greatly enjoyed seeing how the site as a whole expresses its devotion to Jesus, that embodiment of the ideals of guns and keeping out the Mexicans. If you go to the drop-down menu at the top of the page, under "Documents", the last item is "The Holy Bible". This is a link to an online KJV Bible. Except nobody seems to have noticed that the link is broken, so all it really leads to is "File not found" in big red letters.


(I just noticed that site is affiliated with Alan Keyes. That explains a lot.)

(hat tip Jesus Politics)


Tucker said...

Speaking of RenewAmerica, as a fellow philosopher I highly recommend the writings of the commentator Fred Hutchison. They're pretty good (... for a laugh). I think I may have mentioned him to you before. Some of his early essays are bona fide classics. Check 'em out.

Toby said...

So you're familiar with this outfit. Are they part of your brownshirt-watching?

I looked up Hutchison. What a joy! I really like it when he makes bold and completely relevant claims like: "The idea that children are more resilient to trauma and than adults is simply preposterous." You know, I'd never looked at it that way before, but now that I think about it, he is so right about that.

Pulchritudinous Paul said...

I love any organization affiliated with Alan Keyes. He's the most well-spoken deranged theofascist one could ever hope for!