Monday, February 19, 2007

Things you can learn in college

The office of the President of the University set up a task force on sexual ethics, which has produced, among other things, a useful poster providing some "Educational Guidelines for SEXUAL CONSENT!"

Informative excerpts:
Some POOR Practices

VIOLENCE: The threat of or use of violence or force negates any previous consent or subsequent assumptions of consent.

COERCION: Like physical force, coercion and intimidation negate consent.

DRUGS & ALCOHOL: GIving someone drugs or alcohol with the intent to impair his or her judgment or make them unconscious violates the Illinois law.

HARASSMENT: By the very definition, when someone is sexually harassed, the behavior is unwelcome; therefore, any form of sexual harassment is non consensual. For instance, masturbating in front of someone without their agreement and/or touching and groping someone at a party is not considered consensual.
Well, I'm glad that got cleared up.

(At the risk of depriving some wayward college student of this wisdom, I decided to take the poster home to decorate my apartment.)

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