Saturday, March 03, 2007

Quantum Kierkegaard

Check out this exciting new book:
The first volume of The Lost Spiritual World explores the complete Gospel of Mark, using the renowned Scholars Version by academics from Harvard, Notre Dame, Vassar, and other major universities.
How respectable is that? The webpage even goes on to quote Kierkegaard.
Nearly two hundred years ago, the great theologian Soren Kierkegaard concluded that “Christianity is absurd.” But he was not mocking; he was despairing our inability to believe in a scientific age. [...] The Lost Spiritual World struggles within the tradition of Kierkegaard
But that's not all. Other selling points include:
The Lost Spiritual World is not shaped like a rectangle. In Greek, the word orthodox means “straight thinking.” But some fundamentalists have called me a "blasphemer" and a “heretic” because I don't "think straight" according to their orthodox doctrines. That's why I created the wavy shape. It immerses you into the quantum field, showing you how to explore the interconnection of seemingly opposite perspectives.

The Lost Spiritual World uses twelve metallic inks. Their vibrational frequencies have been around since the Big Bang, but we are just becoming aware of them. They literally connect you to the cosmic stardust from which you were born. They sparkle with the living presence of our real creation story, the real elements of God within us.
I have come to suspect that if you took a poll of people who say they do "work" on quantum physics, the scientists would be far outnumbered by people who think that quantum physics has something to do with Kierkegaard.


scott said...

Where can I get me some of those vibrating metallic inks? I'd like to connect with some cosmic quantum love dust, but I'm not sure if this book is wavy enough for me.

Paul said...

As I'm consistently surrounded by the touchy-feeliest of development worker types, one of my most pernicious pet peeves (yay for alliteration!) is people who think quantum physics has something to do with their own emotions. Bloody Deepak Chopra and his ilk - they've got half the hippies on Earth thinking that science supports their belief that cheery attitudes and lots of weed will change physical reality.

Argh... met more than a few of those at grad school. Kept wanting to sit them down in front of A Brief History of Time and duct-tape their eyes open... and to be very stingy with the moistening eyedrops.