Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sonnets to Craig

On our way home I retrieved a book from the side of the road, much worse the wear from snow and ice. The title was Sonnets to Craig, and it was by someone named George Sterling. The first sonnet I flipped open to began, "To search thy heart! to know thine every thought! / Craig, art thou yearning for me...." And so on.

As we walked, Dawn and I got to wondering what "George" was doing writing all these overwrought poems to "Craig"--especially since this was clearly a very old book. I noticed that many of the poems were noted as having been written in San Francisco, leading me to the hypothesis that this was actually a work of early gay poetry. This definitely enhanced our appreciation of the work, although we did think it would have been nice if "Craig" had had a more poetic name--pretty much anything other than "Craig" would have been preferable.

Then Dawn went and looked it up. Spoilsport! I liked my story better.


Brady Bonk said...

Here I was thinking they were intended for Larry Craig. Damnit Jim.

Toby said...

Hm, I'll check if there are any references to "wide stance".

Ben said...

Then again, George could be a woman. Then you could be right all over again.

jubjubbibrd said...

Sorry, Craig WAS a woman. Mary Craig Sinclair, who ended up married to Upton Sinclair.