Thursday, April 02, 2009

Goggle go!

I was looking up Kraftwerk's "Man Machine" on Youtube (good stuff), and ran across a piece of my childhood: the opening credits to Seiun Kamen MachineMan, a superhero adventure TV series of the genre which Power Rangers took all its clips from (except MachineMan belongs to the subgenre that features a single hero, rather than a team of five--I'm not sure if that's made it over here). For more information, I refer to this wiki page, which appears to be the Portuguese entry run through a computer translator.

Man that is a great theme song. I think I might have had it on tape.

And it led me to others. For example:

Don't ask me to explain the name "Goggle Five". I mean there's 5 of them, and their helmets look like they have goggles.

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