Thursday, April 09, 2009

Michelle Bachmann

As best as I can tell, Michelle Bachmann has recently embarked on some kind of nuttery marathon.

First I heard of her campaign against a fictitious global currency.

Then I heard her raise the alarm about some fictitious re-education camps.

And just now I ran across her call for an armed revolution against cap-and-trade.

Everywhere I turn these days, she's saying something crazy. Is she in some kind of contest?

The first two bits of nuttery can be partially explained by her unmistakable allegiance to a popular bit of End Times conspiracy theory. (Slacktivist pointed this out with respect to her opposition to the imaginary global currency.) According to scenarios like those popularized in the Left Behind series, the second coming of Christ is going to be heralded by the creation of an evil secular one-world government. This regime is going to bring the whole planet under a single global currency (you know, just cuz), and is also going to institute re-education camps. And Bachmann is going to assume that plans for those things are already under way, because she's quite convinced that the second coming, and all of the things on the checklist leading up to that, is going to happen any day now.

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