Monday, September 18, 2006

Jesus Camp

I mentioned this Jesus Camp movie before, and I keep getting more and more excited about it. It's a great concept for a documentary, and I think we can be fairly confident that it's a fair portrayal, given that Becky Fischer, who runs the camp, has endorsed the documentary and helped promote it.

YouTube vids:
  • The trailer again.
  • Clip with Fischer explaining how Christian kids need to be taught to lay their lives down for the truth.
  • Clip with 10 year old Tory explaining her taste in Christian music, and how she needs to dance for God and not "for the flesh".
  • ABC News segment on the documentary, including clips of kids at the camp praying for an end to abortion, and "worshipping to a picture of President Bush".
Some articles via Jesus Politics:
Apparently this bible camp documentary thing is some kind of fad: here's another one about a camp for gay Christians (also via Jesus Politics).

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