Monday, September 11, 2006

Jesus Politics

I have acquired a mild addiction to a new blog: Jesus Politics. It mostly consists of just links to other articles (sometimes with quotes), but it's all so fascinating.

This post links to some info about Jesus Camp, a documentary I really hope they show on campus, since I never get out to normal theatres any more. (See the trailer.)

This post links to a conservative Christian's attack on Joel Osteen. (Joel Osteen is pastor of the largest Christian congregation in the USA. He has a nice smile, and no opinions. His smile is so very large, there is no room left in his mouth for opinions.)

And whatnot.


franklin said...

I saw your comments at Jesus Politcs and I am no Joel Osteen fan. I wonder though, if he wasn't wise to keep his mouth shut on the Homo issue. I have an opinion about it myself, but I'd be concerned to say too much to the press about it for fear of how they might twist it to harm people I want to reach for Christ.

Was that Osteens motive? I doubt it! So, in that respect, I think you were right. I just think it is wise at times to keep your mouth shut on that issue where the press is involved. I'm sure Mohler would've told them his opinion...and that, to me, would've been worse than what Osteen did.

Lesser of two evils I guess...

Tucker said...

Toby: I have a new blog for you to get addicted to: Mine!*

* Not the old dumb blog, but a new dumb blog.

It's not very good and it has nothing to do with Jesus... but... It's Got Videos! Just thought I'd share.